Day 2

Today has been a pretty productive day, maybe not in word count quite yet. I’m still writing in a notebook with a pen (the pen I started with actually ran out of ink today). But I’ve got a lot of ideas down on the page, everything is working out quite nicely actually. In the past when I’ve tried to write a full manuscript, I’ve had a basic idea but never really set all the plot points out in front of me, I thought they would just kind of…happen. This time though I sat down and hashed out the plot from beginning to end and I really feel that it’s making things work a lot better.

Of course, ideas are still evolving, and I’m not forcing myself to strictly stick to my original plot points. If I do decide to deviate though I’m making sure that everything else is adjusted accordingly and works in a way that I think is better than the original, or I won’t be making the change.

Today I came up with a lot of character backstory and I think that’s really important to make sure that readers are really connecting with the characters. I have one reader in mind when I’m writing (for the most part). Of course, I’m hoping that many people will eventually get to read this, but there is one person that I keep in mind when I’m sitting down to write, thinking about how they would react to certain things. Just so happens they are also the person that I trust the most when it comes to my writing. They are the one that gets to read thing before anyone else and gives constructive criticism without totally tearing me down and destroying that fire that keeps me writing. So thank you, you know who you are.

So yeah, lots of character development and some character relationships figured out. I’m really happy with where all of this is headed and I’m excited to keep writing. My hand is getting tired of actually physically writing in the notebook though so I might have to graduate to the computer before I thought I would. Or I could google ways to make my hand hurt less when writing…maybe peppermint oil would help with my hand as well as the headache I used it for earlier (follow me on twitter for those types of shenanigans).

I should wrap this entry up though so I can get back to writing and possibly icing my hand to see if that helps with the pen-ache.


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