Day 3

Today has been an emotional day for me. I found out that my favourite teacher in high school, the one that really pushed me to chase my dreams of being an author, passed away this week. I thought back to sitting in his classroom and all the things that he used to tell me about my writing, those that he used to compare my writing to and inspiring things that he used to write on assignments when he handed them back. It urged me to look for the book with poetry that I handed in as my final project in his class. There’s a pocket in the back of the book that holds old assignments and they still have his notes on them. I intend to go through every one of those notes and make sure that I read all the things he suggested in case I didn’t back then.

I’m not sure I fully appreciated how much faith he had in me back then, or realized how much the faith he had in me really would make me the writer that I am today. It really just took one person really believing that I could do it, for me to push myself each and every day. I have him to thank for being that person. If I ever get to see my name on the cover of a book, it will be because he pushed me way back when.

This was one of the pieces of writing that I handed in as part of my final project. The project itself was called “Forests of Temptation and Deserts of Addiction” 
Still to this day, this is one of the highest compliments I can think that I’ve received. 

In other news, I’ve been typing up what’s written in my notebook to break up the writing for me a little bit. I’ve had some really bad hand cramping issues because of how long I’ve been sitting and writing in my notebook. So, when my hand cramp is bad, I start to type out the stuff that I’ve already written, adding details that I think are important and I suppose editing a little. I know it isn’t really a good practice but it is working for me right now. Until it isn’t working anymore, I will continue to do it.

I’ve typed to the end of the second chapter now, and I’m quite pleased with the direction everything is headed. Characters are really developing for me, they are becoming more and more real for me as I write on and I am loving them!

I don’t have a ton of writing planned for tomorrow, as it is my husband’s day off from work and he’s making me go out, but I will be bringing my notebook with me in case I get a chance to sit down and write a bit. You never know!


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