Day 4

Today was definitely a light day for writing, but that was expected. I only got about 300 words written down. I did actually write new content in my notebook today though. Going out and doing a bit of fall/winter clothes shopping gave my hand time to un-cramp. So that was nice at least.

I might still do a bit more writing before I get into bed because tomorrow I am going to have absolutely no time at all to write. My dad is coming to spend the day with me, then friends are coming over before we go out to an event downtown for the rest of the night. By the time I get home I’m just going to collapse into bed.

Sunday is the day that I need to get ALL the words written down. I plan to be writing pretty much all day Sunday, so that will be nice.

As far as the story goes right now, I have some ideas for more character development and plot development. I’m having a little trouble moving everything forward because I don’t want things to go too fast. That’s always been my biggest problem. I have all these ideas and cool things that are happening in the story, then I speed through everything and end up at the end way too fast. This time I need to slow everything down and make sure that I’m including the subplots and details that are important to the story. I tend to forget in first drafts that a lot of the details that I know about the characters and the story, the readers don’t know because I haven’t actually written them into the story…my bad.

Maybe I’ll wake up early tomorrow and sneak some writing in.


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