Day 5

Well, if anyone is actually following along here, you will notice that this “Day 5” post is going up on Day 6…oops.

I do have a good reason for it though! And I have a reason that I didn’t write down a single word yesterday.

I was *gasp* socializing. But really, my dad came to visit for the day and he always shows up early. We went downtown, drank some coffee and caught up with each other. Then when I got home friends were already showing up to my place to get ready to go out! I know, I actually went out multiple times. Crazy.

Buuuuuttttt…. something pertaining to my writing did happen. I actually talked about my book, to another human being (more than one actually) and THEY LIKED THE IDEA!! It actually made me so happy that they thought what I was doing was cool and one of my friends actually asked about things in the writing community and I think we might do NaNoWriMo together.



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