Day 9 – Music to Write To

Another chapter down, and it is moving a subplot forward! It wasn’t really a subplot that I was planning to write in the beginning but the more it comes up, the more I like it.

I’ve also started writing to a different playlist. I had originally created a playlist just for me to write to. I actually got the idea from a youtuber that I watch semi-regularly. She was writing a book of her own (she’s in the editing stages now) and in every video that she uploaded she would share a song from her writing playlist. I think she also said that she was going to publish it/let people see and listen to it when she was finished writing.
So I loaded a playlist up with all the angry and angsty songs from my teenagehood and some other throwbacks. I figured that if I filled it with songs that I knew all the lyrics to and felt inspired by I would be able to focus on what I was writing and have a constant well of inspiration.
WELL, turns out that on top of writing in a genre I never expected myself to be writing in, I also am not as inspired by the music I chose as I thought I would be. Instead I find myself listening to different “coffeeshop” playlists on Spotify. I’ve actually gotten a lot of work done with those playing in the background.

My goal today was to get to 15,000 words…let’s see how I did!

Word count: 15, 224


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