Day 12- Moments of Inspiration

I tend to find that my moments of inspiration come at times when I’m least expecting it. What I mean is, they come at the times when I’m not trying to be creative. When I’m in the shower, about to fall asleep, doing the dishes. In other words, my moments of inspiration come when my mind is most open and I’m not trying to force it into anything. You can’t force creativity folks. Or…I can’t.

Anyway, I had a moment of inspiration late last night when I was about to fall asleep and I didn’t write it down. I’ll give you a moment… It was a strange thing for me not to pull out my phone and type it down into my notes or to reach for my notebook and scribble something down in the dark. Regardless, that’s what I did. I drifted off to sleep and in the morning, shockingly enough, the idea was still there. Perhaps that is the true test of a great idea…if it’s still there in the morning then it really is a great idea but if your mind is able to rid itself of the idea, maybe it wasn’t as great as you thought.

The idea that I had was actually for the title of my book, or the trilogy that I might be brewing up now. We’ll see where the words take me and if a trilogy is looking promising, then these titles will be perfect. If not, I’ll still be proud of my brain for holding on to an idea while I slept.

Do you sleep with a notebook close by? Your phone? Or do you just hope that you remember the ideas in the morning?

Current word count: 17, 593


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