Day 13 – Revising So Early

I tend to write in a way that makes the plot move along WAY too fast. I know this about myself and I think that part of the reason that I do this is because I just want to make sure that all the ideas that I have for the story, all the twists and the ending get down on paper before I let them be changed into something else.

Of course, I can always change those things once they are on paper, make a copy of the document and change the ending or take out a twist. It’s my story and I can do whatever I want with it. And I choose to write this way. Something else I do that people might not agree with (and granted, I’m not published yet, so disagree all you want), is I revise when I’m in the middle of the story. If I know where the story is going, and things are moving along too fast, I go back and make the previous chapters better. I add details that I know about the characters, the setting and the subplot but I haven’t written down because I was too busy with the main ideas. I think that this makes my writing infinitely better. I also make all these changes in a different text colour, so that when I look back on my story, I can see where I started and how much I added and changed in order to make it the best story that it could be.

I have also had a few select people read the first chapter already, but that’s a topic for another time, perhaps tomorrow!

Do you revise while you’re still writing the story?



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