Day 14- Beta Readers Before I’m Finished?!

Yes, you read that right. I have people actually reading chapters that I’ve already written and I’m not even close to finished the book yet! I do have a reason for doing this (aside from being crazy).

I actually think that this is somewhat motivating to me. If I have people that are invested in the characters and the story then I’m more likely to actually finish the manuscript and move forward with it. I also have them there to tell me about any plot holes or problems that I’ve written in and I can fix them before they’re too embedded in my manuscript. I actually find it easier to do things this way.

When I’m finding myself stumped I can go back to the chapters that I’ve already written and look at the feedback I got on them and change what I think needs to be changed. I did this with the first chapter of The Reserve (working title) and I’m really liking this process.

Do you do anything like this while you’re writing?

Current word count: 19,296


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