Day 22 – NaNoWriMo Planning

So yesterday I talked a little bit about planning, and before I went to bed I actually got a chance to do a little more planning regarding the novel that I’m planning on working on for NaNoWriMo. I actually wrote down the character names that I’m using and some of their characteristics as well. They are currently written on little recipe cards (I thought that was kind of cute) and pinned to the bulletin board right in front of my desk.

The current problem I’m facing is my setting dilemma. I can’t decide where I want to set this story and where I set it really does matter. As much as I would love to set it in Canada, it makes me sad to think that people might pick up my book and just sigh and put it back down when it even mentions a Canadian place. (I’ve done it and I’m ashamed of it…) For whatever reason, European or US settings are better received by readers. Strange…

So…so far I have characters and some of their appearances, their goals and dreams.

As for the novel I’m currently working on, I wrote a bit more last night and am going to start working on it again right after I finish this blog post. I am happy with where it is going so far and am happy with the changes I’ve been making. I actually added a couple of chapters in between ones that were already existing and in addition to the last chapter (which I had written a while back) I wrote the second last chapter. I’m really excited about this ending if you couldn’t already tell.

Current word count: 23, 339


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