New Year New Story

Well at the beginning of the year, while everyone was busy making resolutions to get back to the gym or to eat healthier food, I was making a resolution to return to my writing practice and to do so with a new story idea.

It did take me a few days of writing all kinds of story ideas down in my writing journal before I came up with one that I really felt I could run with for the whole year. I haven’t nailed down what genre it would fit into yet, but I do have a fair bit of the plot all set out and I think I’m ready to start writing. I just have to make a few of the final (or semi-final) decisions before I start. I know that I can change anything that doesn’t work with the story even after I start, but it’s easier if I don’t have to go back and change a whole bunch of core things, you know?

Anyway, I am very excited to get started on this writing project and hopefully to having a finished manuscript by the end of the year so I can start the editing process on it!

Do any of you have writing new years resolutions?


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