The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins: Audiobook Review

I went back and forth about whether I should review this book or not. In my mind I was telling myself “no, everyone has already read this, and they’ve all reviewed it already”. The other part of my mind said “screw it, you have a unique point of view and you’ll probably want to read what you thought later…” (because my memory is terrible sometimes). So here we are!


I actually listened to The Girl On The Train, it was the second book I ever bought on and I enjoyed this much more than the first book. I find that listening to books has a lot more than can go wrong, or a lot more aspects to it that could turn me off of the story. (That’s what happened with the first book I got). This book, thankfully, was not like that.

There were actually 3 narrators in this story and each of them was quite good. I find sometimes with audiobooks the narration can take away from the actual story if they’re trying too hard with their reading or if they aren’t trying hard enough. Maybe I’m just also really hard to please (ask my husband how easy it is to find a restaurant with me). The version of the book that I got was narrated by Clare Corbett, Louise Brealey, and India Fisher.

Moving on to the actual story, I really enjoyed all of it. I liked that the story was told from three different perspectives, and that the reader is sort of left to put the pieces together before we are told exactly what is going on. (I was really proud that I figured out what was going on before it was revealed). Each of the characters lives are intertwined in ways that are interesting and not necessarily expected. The story was complicated enough that it kept me hooked but simple enough that I didn’t have a problem following it. I know sometimes, especially with multiple perspectives, the story can be difficult to follow if there are too many names and timelines to follow. I found that this was a nice balance because even with all the different narrators, there weren’t too many characters between all of them.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a book to listen to while they are on their way to and from work or just something to listen to while they are doing chores around the house. Definitely a great distraction!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know!

★★★★☆ Overall

★★★★★ Narration

★★★★☆ Plot

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