Book Writing 2017 #1

Well…I’ve been writing since the beginning of January and I actually only have 2,000 words so far. Part of the reason I have so few words is because I’ve been avoiding actually doing the writing! I’ve been doing a lot of planning and in doing that I think I’ve worked up in my head how perfect this story has to be and, in turn, intimidated myself out of writing.

What snapped me out of that (as much as it could) was actually a blog post that I came across on Pinterest when I was pinning things to a writing board (of course). The article was a list of ways that you could tell your perfectionism is ruining your writing…and pretty much all of the points resonated with me. After reading it I vowed that I would write my first draft and not judge myself too harshly for it.

In other news though, I’ve also decided to write the book the way I want to, the way I know how and apply what research I’ve done already and not do too much more research unless I have to (yet). Don’t worry, I do want this book to be accurate. I think what I’m going to do is write the book (no way…really?), then after I’ve finished with it and maybe one run through of rewrite/editing I am going to have my husband read it for historical accuracy (he studied history in University and bugs me about never letting him read my writing).

Where are you guys at with your 2017 writing projects?

Feb 1 Word Count: 2,237


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